The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 7

We have to say, this is perhaps our least favourite team-of-the-week line-up so far. We’re lacking pace on the wings and will be relying a little more on industry than creativity in midfield; with that said, our back line is particularly solid and we have goals from all over the pitch. Gameweek 7 threw upContinue reading “The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 7”

Shorting Substitute Goalkeepers

SportStack has been operational for a little over two weeks, and we’re loving the interactions on social media! AlphaStack has been up and running for ten days or so, and we’ve been really pleased with the interactions we have had! Everyone is working out their strategies, and one that has been discussed on Twitter alreadyContinue reading “Shorting Substitute Goalkeepers”