The Numbers: Gameweek 25

After a few weeks of getting readers used to the numbers we’re looking at each week, we decided now is the time to change up what we’re doing with this blog. Base and per-minute payouts remain as relevant as ever, but rather than listing off the highest scorers, we wanted to highlight the most interestingContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 25”

The Numbers: Gameweek 24

Following quickly on from our GW23 edition of ‘The Numbers’ blog, we look at the top performers from last week’s midweek fixtures. See below for a reminder of how we calculate the numbers we look at, aside from total payout. Base payout – this is the payout a player has earned excluding goals, assists, goalsContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 24”

The Numbers: Gameweek 22

As you probably know by now (if you’ve read any of our previous blogs) we LOVE numbers. If you haven’t yet read any of our previous blogs, be sure to check them out! This week, we’re giving you a view into some of the numbers we feel are most important from gameweek 22, hopefully allowingContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 22”