The Numbers: Gameweek 36+

The latest batch of midweek games produced some surprises, some great talking points, and a lot of strong individual performances, particularly in midfield. This week’s lineup sees a couple of players fill in in familiar – but not first-choice – positions. Readers might note a lack of low-scoring performances in the lineup, but sadly asideContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 36+”

The Numbers: Gameweek 35+

It feels a momentous week. For the first time since lockdown, Bruno Fernandes doesn’t feature in the AlphaStack team of the week. We have plenty to talk about instead though, with not one but two max scores, the first since football’s return. In addition, we had a number of unlikely bids for the forward positions,Continue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 35+”

The Numbers: Gameweek 34+

Another blitzkrieg round of football has passed, with plenty of notable performances. Unfortunately, we have only one really poor one to talk about, but plenty of good displays to balance that out, including two close-to-max payouts. This week’s defence is solid, while the midfield and forward players are (mostly) wonderfully creative. Don’t forget to joinContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 34+”

The Numbers: Gameweek 31+

With the games coming thick and fast and the weather hotting up, it’s no surprise that games are being played at a slower pace and managers are mostly taking advantage of the five permitted substitutions. With that, base scores continue to sit a little lower than usual this week, but there are still plenty ofContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 31+”

The Numbers: Gameweek 30+

Football has returned in a somewhat unfamiliar format. Artificial crowd noise is applied to give home viewers a sense of familiarity with what they’re watching; teams emerge from the tunnel sequentially, each half of football is bisected by a drinks break, and of course each team is permitted five substitutions. Perhaps all of these thingsContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 30+”

The Numbers: Gameweek 29

Finally the SportStack gods have allowed us to put together a somewhat-functional AlphaStack Team of the Week. More attack-minded holding midfielders should be counter-balanced by defensively solid full backs. This team doesn’t look likely to score a tonne of goals based on the weekend’s performances, but we have less square pegs in round holes thanContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 29”

The Numbers: Gameweek 28

Last week’s team didn’t seem wholly functional, and this week’s is certainly no better, but you have to work with what you’ve got. This week, we have outstanding performances from three left-backs, and leaving any of them out wouldn’t have been right. We also feature a United midfield and a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde strike partnership.Continue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 28”

The Numbers: CL – Last 16 1st Leg

Courtois, Gnabry, HÃ¥land and Hateboer make for a very attacking 4-2-4 lineup in the AlphaStack Champions League – Last 16 First Leg XI. Thibaut Courtois – total payout 63p; base payout 48p In a game where we expected Manchester City to have a fair few attacks, it came as no big surprise to us thatContinue reading “The Numbers: CL – Last 16 1st Leg”

The Numbers: Gameweek 27

From last week’s defensively suspect 3-4-3 formation, we move this week to a more functional 4-4-2 that is likely to struggle for goals, at least based on the performances seen during gameweek 27! Martin Dubravka – total payout 69p; base payout 49p To be quite blunt, Newcastle’s day would have been a lot worse withoutContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 27”

The Numbers: Gameweek 26

This week’s lineup certainly wouldn’t be the most functional unit the Premier League has ever seen, but we are most concerned with identifying the weekend’s most intriguing performances. The truncated gameweek produced some big talking points, so read on for our take on gameweek 26. Pepe Reina – total payout 60p; base payout 50p AstonContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 26”