The Numbers 20/21: CL Round 2

The Champions League is back for a third week running, and what better to whet your appetite for it than our most ridiculous team of the week post yet? Even with Ronaldo absent and Lewandowski not firing in gameweek 2, we saw a ridiculous number of strong, attacking payouts, and the team you see belowContinue reading “The Numbers 20/21: CL Round 2”

The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 6

Gameweek 6 in the Premier League didn’t offer the same excitement that we have grown used to in the early part of this season. Leeds were the only team to score three goals, although their 3-0 win at Villa Park could’ve easily ended 5-4. Patrick Bamford (88p) registered his first Premier League hat-trick to continueContinue reading “The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 6”

The Numbers 20/21: CL Round 1

The first round of Champions League group stage fixtures did not disappoint. Despite several big results, disappointing scores were few and far between. The return of the Champions League brought with it the five substitute rule that caused traders headaches aplenty when football restarted in the summer. Krasnodar goalkeeper Matvey Safonov is an unlikely selectionContinue reading “The Numbers 20/21: CL Round 1”

The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 4

In gameweek 2 we had a new record for goals scored in a Premier League gameweek; our TOTW was accordingly offensive. Thanks to a late flurry of goals, we went close to that record in gameweek 4, and it won’t surprise anyone that our team features eight players from those two matches (no points forContinue reading “The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 4”

The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 3

The Premier League action this weekend was dominated by controversial penalty decisions. Fortunately our team for gameweek 3 isn’t marred too heavily by the calls made during the first half at Selhurst Park, or late on at the Amex or the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. We saw a number of impressive base scores in this week’sContinue reading “The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 3”

The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 2

We will score more than you. That’s the philosophy several teams seemingly took in the Premier League this weekend, and as such is it the philosophy of our Gameweek 2 Team of the Week. The defence is a horror show, but the midfield and attack is filled with more flair and firepower than any singleContinue reading “The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 2”

The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 1

After what felt like a relentless onslaught of The Numbers blogs at the back end of last season, we’re back with a bang. The reversion to three subs has been welcomed by SportStack traders for the in-play opportunities it opens up; it’s also hugely beneficial for the sake of the AlphaStack Team of the Week,Continue reading “The Numbers 20/21: Gameweek 1”

The Numbers: Champions League Last 16, 2nd Leg

Whilst empty stadiums for Premier League games felt normal as the season came to a close, there was something a little different about seeing folded seats and listening to artificial crowd noise as Europe’s elite fought it out at the weekend. The atmosphere may have been non-existent, but the football on display was perfectly fittingContinue reading “The Numbers: Champions League Last 16, 2nd Leg”

The Numbers: Gameweek 37+

This week was another of strange payouts – goalkeepers dominated the top rankings, while there were few forwards to pick from based on extremely high or low payouts as is usual. Our lineup this week works well, though, and features two substitutes as well as an early dismissal that lead to the player’s team crumbling.Continue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 37+”