Beginners’ Guide: SuperStack

SuperStack is SportStack’s answer to regular bookies – you can bet on who you think will be the best-performing player come full-time; none of the in-play, trading-out business that you’ll find on the Matchday Exchange. Read on for a quick primer to get you started on SuperStack.

What is SuperStack?

Before its addition to the app, SuperStack was the name of the company’s Twitter competition for matchdays, where users could submit their picks for the best performer in a given match.

In June 2020, SportStack took this a step further, offering the option to bet on the highest performing player in a game, as determined by the proprietary scoring matrix. Think Aguero will have the highest payout in the Man City game this weekend? Place a bet on it in the app.

SportStack offers odds on each player, and when you adjust your stake you see the potential winnings change accordingly. Check out our SuperStack video below for more information.

How does SportStack define “best performer?”

The beauty of SuperStack is that players’ scores are calculated from the same scoring table that the Matchday Exchange and the Career Markets use. Just in case you’re completely new to SportStack, watch our short video on the scoring table below.

On the app, you can also find the scoring matrix by heading over to your Sportfolio tab and it’s on the top right! Currently the only difference between the matrices for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards is the number of points each loses for a goal conceded.

The data feed itself comes from Opta. We’d familiarising yourself with the scoring table first, so that you know how a player might rack up the biggest score.

What other research should I do?

It’s worth checking out players’ score histories to see how they’ve performed previously. You can find out a player’s previous scores by pulling their profile from the Players tab. These profiles show every player’s Premier League and Champions League performances since the beginning of the 2018-19 season. We suggest looking for high-scoring performances, rather than a level of consistency.

We like to use research to inform our decisions, but sometimes, you just have a feeling that a player is going to have a stormer. Place the trade, sit back and watch your player rise on the SuperStack leaderboard.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

In short, yes. See below:

  • You can only bet on the starting XI, so if you placed a bet on Harry Kane during the week but he didn’t make the starting line-up, the bet would be void and you would get your money back straight away, so you could then pick someone else.
  • There is currently no option to cash out this bet. Nick has mentioned that it may come in further down the line, however.

Beginners’ Guide: SuperStack

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