Beginners’ Guide: Career Markets

The new careers market on SportStack has launched! As always, we’ve got you covered with a beginners’ guide.

What is the Career Market?

The career markets, simply put, allow you to bet on the rest of a player’s career, as opposed to a single match. Is there a player that you feel will dominate for the 15 years? Maybe the likes of Phil Foden, or Mason Greenwood? Well now you can bet on the rest of their career! The video on the left explains the

From the moment you buy a player on the market, they are able to win dividends in every single eligible game they play. Dividends are paid out based on their performance, as measured by the SportStack scoring table – the same scoring table that is used on the Matchday Exchange.

The Career Market is a completely different app to the Matchday app, to save any confusion amongst users about whether they are betting on a player’s career or their next game.

How much can my player earn in dividends?

The beauty of SportStack is that so long as your player scores 50 points or more, he’ll earn you dividends at full-time. The dividend table is shown below – the Top Player Bonus is available on each game.

Dividends are divided into two tiers, where some competitions are eligible for bigger dividend payouts than others are. While only Premier League players are available at present, we can see that European leagues and continental and international competitions will be eligible for dividends, meaning we can look forward to players from other leagues being added in the future!

Note: in the event two or more players tie for the highest score in a match, the Top Player Bonus is split evenly among them.

Dividend tiers

Tier 1 Dividends are paid out to players playing in the following competitions:
– Premier League
– UEFA Champions League
– Euros
– World Cup

These competitions are eligible for tier 2 dividends:
– Bundesliga
– La Liga
– Serie A
– Ligue 1
– UEFA Europa League

When do I have to buy players to earn dividends?

So long as you own the player before the final whistle, you’ll earn dividends as soon as the market has settled. Career, Matchday and SuperStack markets are all settled within 1-2 minutes of full-time, so there’s no wait for your winnings!

So there’s no trying to work out if James Ward Prowse has a ‘good’ fixture on any given match day, if you wanted to, you could wait until the 88th minute, buy him and reap the rewards.

How do I sell my players?

There may come a time where you want to move funds from one player to another; perhaps one of your holds has an injury or you’ve uncovered a gem that you want to buy. Fear not, you can sell your players through the order book system. If you’ve been using the Matchday Exchange on SportStack, you’ll be familiar with how order books work. This system may be new to you if you’ve migrated across from other betting platforms!

Check out SportStack’s video on the right – it covers how to sell your players at the current market price and how to place an order to sell at a higher price if you want to.

Note: there is a 2% commission on any matched sell orders.

Order books

The Career Markets employ an order book system, the same system that is used on the Matchday Exchange. Users can place orders to buy and sell shares, either at the market price or at a different price, in the hope to snag shares on the cheap or sell them off for more money. Check out or order books guide here – although it is written in reference to the matchday exchange, the same logic applies in the Career Markets.

Will new players be added to the platform?

Yes! The Launchpad is SportStack’s function for listing new players on the platform. It will contain a schedule for any new additions in the coming seven days, so you’ll always be able to prepare.

The Launchpad works on an auction basis – there will be a set timeframe, eg Wednesday 14:00-18:00, in which to bid, with a guide price bracket. You will be able to bid for up to 100 shares in the player during this window, and within a couple of hours of the window shutting, SportStack will determine which bids have been successful and issue shares to the winning traders. The market will then open at a price within the pricing bracket, and you are free to buy as many shares as you wish.

If you bid too low you run the risk of missing out, while if you bid high you will likely receive shares in the auction, but you may pay more than the price that the market then opens at.

A quick note…

For those who are used to Betfair or trading platforms, you may be aware of price increments. The amounts you can bid for a player depends on their price. This is done to ensure that meaningful offers are placed in the order book, rather than traders continuously outbidding or undercutting one another by tiny margins on higher prices.

  • On a player priced between £0 and £2, you can bid at every 1p, eg 50p, 51p, 52p
  • On a player priced between £2 and £5, you can bid at every 2p, eg £2.48, £2.50, £2.52
  • On a player priced at over £5, then you can bid at every 5p, eg £5.10, £5.15, £5.20

Beginners’ Guide: SportStack Career Markets

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