The Numbers: Champions League Last 16, 2nd Leg

Whilst empty stadiums for Premier League games felt normal as the season came to a close, there was something a little different about seeing folded seats and listening to artificial crowd noise as Europe’s elite fought it out at the weekend. The atmosphere may have been non-existent, but the football on display was perfectly fittingContinue reading “The Numbers: Champions League Last 16, 2nd Leg”

The Numbers: Gameweek 37+

This week was another of strange payouts – goalkeepers dominated the top rankings, while there were few forwards to pick from based on extremely high or low payouts as is usual. Our lineup this week works well, though, and features two substitutes as well as an early dismissal that lead to the player’s team crumbling.Continue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 37+”

The Numbers: Gameweek 36+

The latest batch of midweek games produced some surprises, some great talking points, and a lot of strong individual performances, particularly in midfield. This week’s lineup sees a couple of players fill in in familiar – but not first-choice – positions. Readers might note a lack of low-scoring performances in the lineup, but sadly asideContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 36+”

The Numbers: Gameweek 35+

It feels a momentous week. For the first time since lockdown, Bruno Fernandes doesn’t feature in the AlphaStack team of the week. We have plenty to talk about instead though, with not one but two max scores, the first since football’s return. In addition, we had a number of unlikely bids for the forward positions,Continue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 35+”

The Numbers: Gameweek 34+

Another blitzkrieg round of football has passed, with plenty of notable performances. Unfortunately, we have only one really poor one to talk about, but plenty of good displays to balance that out, including two close-to-max payouts. This week’s defence is solid, while the midfield and forward players are (mostly) wonderfully creative. Don’t forget to joinContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 34+”

Thiago-less David Luiz & 5 Star Messi

Welcome to the first blog in a series of historic payout blogs, where @sport_stacker uses various stat platforms to give you an idea as to how some unforgettable performances would’ve looked on SportStack. David Luiz vs Germany Brazil 1 vs 7 Germany, arguably the most famous destruction of a top team in football history, andContinue reading “Thiago-less David Luiz & 5 Star Messi”

The Numbers: Gameweek 31+

With the games coming thick and fast and the weather hotting up, it’s no surprise that games are being played at a slower pace and managers are mostly taking advantage of the five permitted substitutions. With that, base scores continue to sit a little lower than usual this week, but there are still plenty ofContinue reading “The Numbers: Gameweek 31+”