Trading Journal: Champions League Round 1

In a new addition to our blog feed, we’re bringing you more detail for some of our trades, with insights into why we took the trades, why we closed them early, why we let them run to full-time, or why we even wen’t full 180 degrees and went from a long position to a short position. In this first edition, we’re without Dave, largely as he wasn’t able to do a lot of trading during the Champions League games.

Real Madrid 2 – 3 Shakhtar

This was a wholly unexpected result, with Shakhtar priced above 30.0 on Betfair when the lineups were announced. With 8 first team players out, everyone could be forgiven for shorting Shakhtar players and going long Real Madrid forwards on SportStack.

Which is exactly what I did, I went long on Rodrygo with the lineups, at 50p and for 17 minutes it looked okay, Rodrigo got himself into areas, and was willing to take on the opposition defence. However, it did start to go downhill from this point, and I was sat there wondering if he and Madrid would be capable of turning it around. Ultimately, the answer is “No” at least not for Rodrygo.

Once the second goal went in for Shakhtar, Rodrygo was on a payout of 18p, and it become apparent they if Madrid were going to win this match, then changes would have to come at HT, for the last 15 or so minutes, Rodrygo had gone missing on the pitch, so I went from a long position to short position.
Soon after it got worse for Real Madrid (but now that I was short Rodrygo, better for me), a third goal before HT, all but cemented at least one change at the break. Rodrygo finished on 15p, and I turned what would’ve been a £45ish loss into a £9 gain.

Given what was going on, I also shorted Jovic at half time, expecting him to come off as well, which didn’t quite happen at HT, but did eventually on the 59th min mark, still making me a nice £25 profit on that short.

All things considered, this game turned out to be fairly profitable, however there’s an important lesson for all here.

“It is okay to be wrong”

Neither I nor Dave get it right every time, we often get calls wrong pre-game, but we always do our utmost to correct our errors in-play. Even if it’s as simple as cutting your loss, eventually those loss stopping techniques will add up.

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