The Numbers: Gameweek 37+

This week was another of strange payouts – goalkeepers dominated the top rankings, while there were few forwards to pick from based on extremely high or low payouts as is usual. Our lineup this week works well, though, and features two substitutes as well as an early dismissal that lead to the player’s team crumbling.

Hugo Lloris – total payout 70p; base payout 45p

This was another gameweek where there was a swathe of goalkeepers to choose from; all of the four highest base payouts were posted by goalkeepers. While Tim Krul topped that list at 51p, he was unable to keep Norwich from losing their ninth consecutive league game, this time at home to Burnley. Hugo Lloris, meanwhile, paid out 70p as Spurs held onto a clean sheet at home to Leicester. The Foxes took the game to Spurs, and Lloris and his back line were vital to the result as 16 of Leicester’s 24 shots were blocked or saved. Lloris had a base payout of 45p, made up of six saves, four ball recoveries and three high claims among other bits and pieces.

Joao Cancelo – total payout 69p; base payout 44p

We last mentioned Cancelo in our first The Numbers blog, before it took on its current form. When City beat Villa 6-1 back in January, Cancelo racked up 13p in passes made; Pep’s side travelled to Vicarage Road this week, and Joao Cancelo was at it again. This time slotting in at left-back, Cancelo earned a base payout of 44p. with 11p coming from passes made, 12p from dribbles, 9p from ball recoveries and 8p from CBIs. Although he’s been far from a regular starter for City, Cancelo here proved his versatility and fit within Guardiola’s system.

Jannik Vestergaard – total payout 67p; base payout 42p

With Southampton’s 2-0 victory over Bournemouth, and results elsewhere going against them in the following days, the Cherries look doomed to relegation. Saints fans will be full of praise for Jannik Vestergaard, as the towering centre-back put in a masterful performance. He paid out 42p despite a yellow card, and similar to Bednarek’s performance against Manchester United a few weeks back, Vestergaard earned a monstrous 42p from CBIs alone.

Michael Keane – total payout 67p; base payout 42p

Everton’s centre-half has again made our team of the week, this time with a solid defensive display at home to Sheffield United. He was unfazed by the physical approach the Sheff Utd forwards often take, as he gave away only one foul while totting up a base payout of 42p. He had 28p from CBIs, 9p from passes made, and 5p from ball recoveries.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – total payout 71p; 1 goal, 1 assist

It seems fitting that on the day Liverpool lifted their first Premier League title, we saw the best of their right-back. He has been vital to their success this season and will likely be a cornerstone of the side for years to come. Defensively Trent left a little to be desired, as Christian Pulisic skipped past him in the buildup to Chelsea’s second goal, but going forward, he was on top form. His free-kick, which extended Liverpool’s first half lead, was magnificent, and his cross for the fourth goal which really wrapped up the game, was inch-perfect. To layer those actions on top of a solid base score of 36p is exceptional for a full-back.

Emiliano Buendia – total payout 6p; base payout -13p

Last Saturday’s performance against Burnley really typified Norwich’s season. Emiliano Buendia pulled up in the warm-up, but went ahead and started the game. Norwich had the better of the opening half an hour but were unable to make a breakthrough, before Buendia seemed to have led with his elbow on the way down from an aerial challenge. He was duly shown a red card after the referee consulted with VAR. He had registered only 4p in base payout prior to his dismissal, meaning he finished with a base of -13p and a total payout of 6p. Buendia’s inclusion here also speaks for Josip Drmic, who was sent off 10 minutes later and paid out a measly 3p.

Phil Foden – total payout 69p; 1 goal

Phil Foden’s payout this week was impressive, but we are more interested in the sort of player he is developing into on the platform. His payout totalled 69p. Since lockdown, Foden has become a regular part of Pep’s rotation, contributing goals and assists. He has generally shown little involvement outside of this though, and this was the case again on Tuesday as the bulk of his payout came from his goal, four additional shots on target, an 6p from passes made. As his role in the team grows we might expect this to change, particularly if he drops back into midfield rather than playing on the left wing.

Christian Pulisic – total payout 40p; 1 goal, 1 assist

Chelsea’s American star has really made a name for himself since lockdown, and he was on fire off the bench at Anfield, scoring one and setting up another in just 31 minutes. Although the game was pretty much done and dusted by the time he entered the field of play, Pulisic contributed plenty of good and bad. He missed a couple of chances and gave away two fouls, while also completing three dribbles and three ball recoveries. It is promising to see him getting in so many dangerous positions, and easy to forget that he’s still just 21 years old.

Raheem Sterling – total payout 87p; 2 goals

Raheem Sterling’s post-lockdown form has been exciting with City heading into a difficult second leg against Real Madrid in the Champions League. Sterling scored his seventh and eighth goals since the restart against Watford on Tuesday, paying out 87p. His base score was 32p, reasonable given the fact that he missed a penalty kick even if he did win it himself. He had three shots on target, three ball recoveries and 35 passes completed in addition. Sterling has stepped up to the plate in Aguero’s absence giving reason for optimism ahead of the CL tie.

Harry Kane – total payout 82p; 2 goals

It’s two weeks running for Harry Kane in our team of the week. While last week he offered little else on top of his goals – we know, that’s a bit of an odd criticsm – this week he has produced a much better payout of 82p, against 59p previously. The main improvements were more a more complete defensive contribution, a couple of additional shots on target, and the fact that he managed to stay out of the referee’s book. Tottenham’s performance raises more questions over Mourinho’s managerial approach, but if Kane can keep converting chances at this rate into next season, Spurs fans won’t care much.

Che Adams – total payout 49p; base payout 24p; payout/min 1.96p; 1 goal

Unusually, we have two subs in our TOTW. Che Adam’s came off the bench against Bournemouth with 25 minutes to play, and was unusually active. He registered two CBIs, two ball recoveries, and two shots on target before converting in the dying minutes to seal the win for Southampton. All of this amounts to his highest payout of the season at 49p, with a really strong base payout of 49p. It seems fair to expect that his base/min ratio of 0.96p would’ve been substantially lower had he played much more time, but this season has been tough for Adams, and it is good to see him finding his feet in the top flight.

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