Thiago-less David Luiz & 5 Star Messi

Welcome to the first blog in a series of historic payout blogs, where @sport_stacker uses various stat platforms to give you an idea as to how some unforgettable performances would’ve looked on SportStack.

David Luiz vs Germany

Brazil 1 vs 7 Germany, arguably the most famous destruction of a top team in football history, and synonymous with this result was the dire performance of David Luiz. Using who scored statistics, I have taken the time to work out just how much money you would have lost had SportStack been around and you had been unfortunate enough to long David Luiz. 

Surprisingly, David Luiz’s final payout for this game is better than I initially assumed it would be. Despite conceding 7 goals and giving away 3 fouls he still managed a payout of 26p. One key reason for this is that David Luiz is not attributed any errors leading to goals, however it is clear from the highlights that he is the main culprit for at least 2 of the goals. He loses Muller at the corner for the opening goal of the game and is missing when Kroos tucks away the fourth.

There is also a period in the middle of the game where David Luiz decides to take matters into his own hands and wander into midfield. While this may have been detrimental to Brazil as a team, he managed to pick up 4 dribbles, which boosted his final payout by 8p. Something that I had completely forgot was that it was actually Luiz who played the long ball over the top for Oscar to score the consolation goal. This assist adding 10p to his score.

Despite this being a notoriously bad performance by Luiz his SportStack payout didn’t reflect this. It doesn’t come close to his worst ever payout of -10p against Man City 3 weeks ago.

Lionel Messi vs Bayer Leverkusen

One of the greatest individual performances in Champions League history, it is not often a player scores 5 goals in a game, I certainly hope I back the first play to achieve this feat on SportStack. Just how high would Messi’s payout have been for this historic performance?

The first noticeable point from Messi’s final payout is the plus 100p for the 5 goals, however other than that, which sounds ridiculous when he has scored 5 goals, he doesn’t do much else. 

Messi is often described by opponents as a player who walks around and all of a sudden he has scored a hat trick. This is highlighted in his final payout as he does not make a single CBI all game and only makes 1 dribble, which was the most surprising part about his payout. 

Messi finished on a payout of 135p, which despite scoring 5 is not the highest payout we have seen on SportStack. Josip Illicic managed a payout of 136p away to Valencia in an empty stadium back in February this year.

If you would like to know the payout of a historic performance you loved feel free to tweet me @sport_stacker I will see what I can do. Massive thank you to AlphaStack for the graphics!

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