The Numbers: Gameweek 25

After a few weeks of getting readers used to the numbers we’re looking at each week, we decided now is the time to change up what we’re doing with this blog. Base and per-minute payouts remain as relevant as ever, but rather than listing off the highest scorers, we wanted to highlight the most interesting performances; thus, allow us to introduce the AlphaStack GW25 starting XI.

The players featured in the graphic below are not all there necessarily for good reasons, and while the number in the circle shows their total payout for simplicity, in many cases it is not the total payout that has us interested. Read on for more detail!

Hugo Lloris – total payout 67p; base payout 42p

We begin with the standout goalkeeper from the weekend’s action. Lloris’ Spurs side were under the cosh for pretty much the entire game against Man City on Sunday, and the skipper didn’t put a foot wrong. Lloris pulled off a number of good saves to deny City, including keeping out Ilkay Gundogan’s penalty just before half-time.

Lloris did have plenty of help from a sturdy Spurs defence, and it looks like Mourinho is amenable to returning to his old park-the-bus days if he has to. When he does, Lloris could be a good bet.

Diego Rico – total payout 64p; base payout 44p

A remarkably solid all-round performance against Villa saw Diego Rico take the left-back spot here over Ben Chilwell, whose payout was only 3p higher despite notching his second goal of the season against Chelsea. The only blemish on Rico’s performance was Villa’s second half goal – he claimed 28p for CBIs, helped by Bournemouth almost completely surrendering possession once they went down to 10 men; he also took 6p from ball recoveries.

Antonio Rudiger – total payout 86p; base payout 41p; 2 goals

Leicester were by far the dominant team when Chelsea came to visit the King Power on Saturday. This showed in the quantity and the quality of chances created. Leicester were not their usual, clinical selves, while Antonio Rudiger took his chances wonderfully. Questions should be asked of whoever is responsible for Leicester’s set piece defending, as Ben Chilwell and Hamza Choudhury were charged with marking the German centre-back, and he gratefully nodded his first home before powering a second header over Schmeichel for the equaliser.

On top of a game-saving brace, Rudiger had 11p for ball recoveries and 12p for CBIs, helping to make up a tidy base payout of 41p; his total payout was the highest for the weekend!

Jack Stephens – total payout 10p; 1 yellow card

Given Southampton came away from Anfield on the wrong end of a 4-0 drubbing, their lineup was littered with decent SportStack payouts; Jack Stephens’ payout was not one of those. His low payout give the scoreline and his yellow card may not be much of a surprise, but it is rather put in context by the performance of his central defensive partner, Jan Bednarek, who scored 47p with a base of 42p. Stephens totalled 9p from tackles, ball recoveries and CBIs, while Bednarek managed 40p.

This is a rare poor score from Stephens who has been a pleasant surprise at St Mary’s this season.

Djibril Sidibe – total payout 60p; base payout 45p

It would be wrong not tjo include Djibril Sidibe here who again produced a very solid performance at the weekend – there is a danger that he becomes an easy pick for this blog each week, so we will try to make sure in future that we don’t keep coming back to him! With 10p from tackles won, 12p from ball recoveries and 16p from CBIs though, he is a worth candidate here, and would have cracked the top ten for total payout had the Everton defence not been so leaky.

Rodri – total payout 12p; 1 yellow card

As with Jack Stephens above, the disappointment of Rodri’s performance is really brought out by the scores of those around him. Rodri was punished for persistent fouling – the fouls cost him 12p, and he was booked in the 94th minute for an extra 5p of damage. He was also tackled a couple of times, for good measure.

Fernandinho, albeit playing at centre-half, managed 62p, while Otamendi managed 37p. It is clear that the game passed him by, and we would expect Pep to move Fernandinho back into midfield at the earliest opportunity with Rodri’s transition ongoing.

Jordan Henderson – total payout 76p; 1 goal, 1 assist

The fruits of Jordan Henderson’s more advanced role are beginning to show. He was excellent against Southampton, registering a goal and an assist for the second time in three games. As one would expect, he was heavily involved defensively (7p in ball recoveries, 8p in CBIs), but he also registered an additional shot on target.

To expect this sort of form to persist over the longer-term seems a little optimistic given his low xA and xG stats, but Henderson is excelling in a new role that will have England fans salivating for the Euros.

Phillip Billing – total payout 85p; base payout 48p; 1 goal

Billing notched the second highest total payout of the weekend – a whopping 85p, despite only scoring one goal. As the tide turned against Bournemouth after Lerma’s red card, Billing’s reading of the game was instrumental in helping them hold onto the three points. He had 12p for tackles won and 20p for CBIs. An additional shot on target helped him along to the highest base payout of the weekend.

Allan Saint-Maximin – total payout 70p; base payout 45p

ASM is one we were aware of in the opening weeks of SportStack as a steady performer, particularly given his defensive work; the upside from his dribbling ability was an added bonus. He slipped off the radar as he missed games through injury, but against Norwich he was back at his best. With FIVE shots on target, six dribbles and five ball recoveries, he accumulated a base payout of 45p.

We would err on the side of caution here, as it is unlikely Newcastle create as much against other sides as they did against Norwich, but when ASM is in the mood, he has the ability to pay out very well.

Robert Snodgrass – total payout 73p; base payout 17p; 2 goals, 1 assist

Snodgrass’ inclusion here is a curious one. It would be easy to justify for his performance; he scored two (both deflected) and laid another on as his West Ham side gave up a two-goal lead against Brighton. But given that output, his total payout of 73p worries us, despite the fact that plenty of people would have made money here. He had a base payout of just 17p, predicated on the two shots on target that resulted in goals, a couple of won tackles, and 7p of ball recoveries.

Sergio Aguero – total payout 54p; base/90min 45p

It would be fair to suggest Aguero’s was not the most noteworthy performance from a forward this weekend. Firmino laid on three assists in Liverpool’s drubbing of Southampton, and Mo Salah bagged two goals in that game as well. Of interest to us is how quickly Sergio Aguero accumulated a pretty decent payout. He was on the pitch for only 64 minutes, yet recorded a total payout of 54p, without scoring. This gave him a total payout/90min of 75.6p, and a base/90min of 45p; on par for the joint-second highest base payout of the weekend.

Aguero won the penalty for City and had four shots on target. Although he may be subject to further rotation if the City attack continues to struggle, Aguero remains dangerous and is only ever a goal away from a mega payout.

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