The Numbers: Gameweek 23

This week is the second instalment of our “The Numbers” review. Last week we introduced three metrics that we consider to be important, and hope others can also see their use.

For the benefit of those who are new to these metrics, we have outlined them again below.

Base payout – this is the payout a player has earned excluding goals, assists, penalties won, goals conceded, and appearance payout

Payout/min – the players’ total payout divided by the minutes played. Here we only consider those who have played 45 minutes or more, as this statistic heavily favours goalscoring substitutes

Base payout/min – as above, we adjust the base payout by dividing by minutes played. For this metric we relax the conditions a little to anyone who played 20 minutes or more. Players putting in a very short shift can rack up a strong score once a game has opened up, but they are unlikely to be able to reproduce that over 90 minutes

Payout and Base payout

Virgil Van Dijk was the big story, making a total payout of 83p. He put Liverpool ahead with a towering header against Manchester United, and a busy last few minutes helped to elevate his payout. If you were to take that goal (we subtract 15p from his total payout as without the goal a shot on target would be awarded) and his appearance payout away, he still ends up with a very respectable 43p base.

Nick Pope, who had that fantastic game against Leicester – including a penalty save and six additional saves – recorded an incredible base score of 50p! This is very high for a goalkeeper. Pope scored particularly well because Leicester kept him busy and he was up to the challenge – on another day Leicester might have been more clinical and, had they scored more, Pope’s base payout would’ve taken a hit for him making fewer saves.

It is also worth taking note of another strong performance from Aguero, who featured in our Gameweek 22 post! He recorded a total payout of 75p, but making money off this trade would have been tough. As mentioned in last week’s podcast (iTunes, Spotify), his price was sliding lower until he notched his first goal in the 82nd minute – holding for all this time would have required some balls! In this scenario we would have likely cut some risk earlier in the game.


Last week it was Kevin De Bruyne who might have had a much larger payout if he wasn’t subbed off; this time it is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Ox).

Ox had no goal involvement in the game against Man United but still racked up points, hitting 58p after just 66 minutes. Had he played the full 90, & kept up his scoring rate of 0.88p/min, he would’ve ended up on an incredible 79p payout.

David Silva also picked up a very respectable 0.74 before he was hooked off on the 62nd minute by Pep. Rotation in the Man City squad continues to play a key part – some would have been distraught over the substitution, some would’ve been elated by it.

This week however, there was no player picking up over a 1p payout/min.


As we said last week, we believe this could be the golden egg of SportStack numbers. It measures a player’s involvement in a game, ignoring any goal payouts.

We have noticed that Djibril Sidibe has been a favourite on Slack for a few weeks; this week he gets a nod from us, as he nips in ahead of Nick Pope on base payout per minute to top the table.

Sidibe played 33 minutes away to West Ham, but in that time he managed nine ball recoveries, two tackles, at least 24 passes, a dribble and a CBI – he did lose out for being caught offside once as well. He has scored well so far on SportStack and he looks like one to keep an eye on each week.

James Tomkins has posted a number of decent scores in the last few weeks. In the midst of an injury epidemic that has spread across the Palace back line, he has been the dominant centre half. This week, he picked up 0.50p base/min, built on a jaw-dropping total of 19 CBIs!

Note that predominantly defensive players have done well this week – we will see over the coming weeks if this continues to be the case, but defensive players should intuitively be more consistent.

Was there anyone who stood out for you? Is there someone you’d like us to look into in more detail? Let us know!

As always, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and feel free to drop us a message with any questions you may have – we’ll do our best to answer them as quickly as we can.

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