The Numbers: Gameweek 22

As you probably know by now (if you’ve read any of our previous blogs) we LOVE numbers.

If you haven’t yet read any of our previous blogs, be sure to check them out!

This week, we’re giving you a view into some of the numbers we feel are most important from gameweek 22, hopefully allowing you to make some more informed decisions going forward.
On top of the total payout achieved, we’re going to be looking at:

Base Payout

You might be wondering why we think base payout is so important. To put it simply, goal involvements are the actions that most affect a player’s payout. They are often the most random elements in football matches, and quite often a player is at the mercy of his own teammates when it comes to his team scoring or conceding.

Remember, our version of base payout strips away the following:

  1. Goals
  2. Assists (this includes penalties won)
  3. Goals conceded
  4. Appearance payout

As is to be expected, the top ten for total payout is dominated by Man City players. For base payouts however, Joao Cancelo is the only City player to feature, having racked up 13p in passes alone – that’s over 100 passes! Danny Ings is perhaps the most surprising player to make this list, but it is demonstrative of the game Southampton played against Leicester. Aside from his goal, he had four shots on target and hit the woodwork twice!


“If only Pep didn’t wrap Kevin De Bruyne in cotton wool!”

“Thank god Pep has wrapped KDB in cotton wool!”

You’ve probably made one of these two statements at some point. You could’ve been like us and gone with the former on Sunday, as we were long KDB. If you happened to be short (and were brave enough to still have the position open) you’d have been delighted that he was subbed off.

But with payout/min we can work out what his payout could’ve been if he’d have played the full 90′, to the delight, or trauma of some.

With payout/min we are using the full payout, so long as the player was on the pitch for 45 minutes or more. This means Aguero’s monstrous 117p payout is included, but players like Mason Greenwood, who came on with 20 minutes to go, are not.

Base Payout/min

There is perhaps some work to be done here, but we feel this could be the golden egg of SportStack numbers. To be included in the sample, players must have played 20 minutes or more.

Rashford coming off on the 59th min means he tops the Payout/min chart, and could very well have had the highest total payout had he played the full 90 minutes. KDB would’ve also been on for a much higher payout had he played the entire match -much to the disgust of one of the team who captained him on FPL!

As we noted on this week’s podcast (available on iTunes and Spotify) however, Joao Cancelo recorded a remarkable number of passes, and this lead to him topping the table on base payout/min. While the top ten for BP/min is largely the same as the base payout top ten, we note Steven Alzate’s performance in Brighton’s 1-0 defeat at Everton. The youngseter came on for 28mins and racked up three dribbles, one ball recovery, two CBIs and at least 24 passes (3p for passes). Quite the impact!

We should also mention Toby Alderweireld, Richarlison and Michael Keane who made 0.47p base payout/min. It is worth considering these players going forwards.

Who’s the standout player for you? Let us know!

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