What makes SportStack different?

We’ve all had a bet at the bookies. One week you’ll take a wild punt at odds of 100/1, or maybe more; the next week you trawl the markets and pick out something you think really could happen. Maybe you back your favourite goalscorer to bag the opener, or take the ‘over’ on booking points because two teams have a bit of bad blood.

Whatever the bet is, it’s great when you win; only this isn’t as often as you’d like. When you lose, you lose the lot. When you place the bet, it’s ‘only a fiver’ and you’re feeling lucky, but at full-time, that fiver has never felt more valuable.

With SportStack, you can feed that urge to have a punt or dive into the data to maximise your risk/reward, without losing the lot. With each game, every player can payout between 0 and 100p. A player’s price in the run up to the game reflect the market’s expectation of the final payout. If you think that player is going to have a stormer, buy him; if you think he’s in for a hard day, sell him (yes, you read that right – you can short players too). At full time, you will collect or lose the difference between the payout and your transaction price. If this isn’t clear, head over to our SportStack Beginners’ Guide for a couple of examples that should clear things up.

So with SportStack, if you make a bad call, you might lose some of your money but very, very rarely will you lose it all. There’s something else to consider here though. When we said above that every player could payout between 0 and 100p, we weren’t lying.

You might look at the upcoming game and think your team’s left-back is going to play a blinder, or the opposition are going to run rings around your defensive midfielder. With a traditional bookie, you can’t do anything to express these views. SportStack allows you bet on the performance of every player on the pitch, and you can get paid out for every action, not just the big (and frankly unlikely) moments like goals and red cards. Those instincts that win you points on FPL each week can now make you real money.

It’s also worth mentioning that SportStack is a platform for traders to buy and sell. Bookies can simply suspend cash out if it suits them, but on SportStack you can lock in profit or escape a bad trade at any point during a match!

If you want to know more, read our beginners’ guide, or drop us a DM on Twitter at @AlphaStackGroup.

Happy trading!

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